[AC]: Core Startup Idea


Warm up

Some startup ideas:
1. 讓大家吃到健康、沒有農藥的食物,很輕易的取得。小農直送
2. find my salon 


The main mission of call for action/business/marketing:
“provide value"


A partnership of temporary organization designed to search for repeatable and scalable business model. Not a small version of company. 
ex: Fab online shopping site : social media for gays 100,000 users 
feature: daily deals, that product art gallery -> no longer a social media
Flickr has a classic pivot to make who they are now.  

What is a good startup idea?

1. frequency
2. density
3. pain
must, want, or nice to have

What does a good startup disrupt?

A good startup unbundle done technology.
ex: newspaper : google, twitter, facebook, Craiglist, eBay 
news, interview, story, podcast
Practice: let’s unbundle school: 上課、社團、交朋友、資訊(library)、分類、線下課程 -> then we have coursera, udacity, codility, hackerrank (interview) in market
How about unbundle bank? TransferWise – a clever way to transfer money abroad and beat the banks (P2P)

What do VC think?

30 倍回報?it has to be a big scale!! Platform could be scaleable!! Platform is naturally scalable. 
solve problem, create value, large total addressable market, business model, disruptive, barrier to entry (barrier 應該是要隨著時間增加的)
ex: 女裝、女性化妝品 VS Facebook core is the content 

Convince VC:

Market is about size and numbers: 
1. total addressable market : 內食、外食
2. serviceable available market : 煮飯者
3. serviceable obtainable market (reality) : do region
Notes for policy making – 
Pivot VS 為了創業而創業 different!! 
start up 只做start up生意,這會有問題的。Your cash flow depends on our customer’ cash flow
Notes for startup founders – 
  • The attitude of 免費->所以沒有用,沒關係 -> BIG NO NO
  • President, Y-Combination, Sam Altman
Far better to think of yourself as a project than a company for as long as possible. -> 如果是做company時,放棄的機會比較高。自己是不是真的很有興趣。
  • How to balance the supply and demand side. we know where is the supply, get some first and meet the demand. 
  •  Ben Haramitz: love your problem not your solution
    A dog chasing a tennis ball
    dropbox CEO — Drew Houston
  • Homejoy失敗:
    1. 太便宜,用scaleability (沒有空間可以承擔失敗,沒有現金cover)
    2. 客戶希望穩定,平台功能喪失(但是供求不穩定者,uber、airbnb)
    3. 法規,阿姨看到你募資很多之後,是不是要付我勞健保
Questions to be solved
??what do you mean “market" in the eye of “who?" 
?? what does portfolio really mean?

Start-Up Ideas

1. education o2o platform: 陳樹菊school (o2o)
2. storyteller
3. never forget where it is (find your car in 10 sec at a big parklot) 
4. map for care supplier 
5. google calendar for booking business 
6. 代收 stores
Take home: 
  1. O2O model。Homejoy 的失敗經驗。
  1. transferwise的 business model,很有趣。
  1. value才是最重要的。
  1. 免費->所以沒有用,沒關係。這是一個不好的想法。
  1. what do you mean “market" in the eye of “who?" 
  1. what does portfolio really mean?
  1. how to use Github



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