[Alpha Camp]: How to Pitch?

20151130 Core: how to pitch

Listen to ideas

  1. platform for food matching. those who want to cook and those who want to eat!
  2. app for 自助旅行,arrange schedule and see the map directly. also record things. share people’s 旅程
  3. 網購網站的比價網
  4. 老年人不能外出,因為這樣,所以會限縮自己的社交。老人的社交平台。apple tv,運用此讓老年人不孤單。
  5. 健身房的運動的吃什麼東西
  6. 吃飯要付錢很麻煩,go dutch很麻煩,app儲值,讓朋友之間可以支付
  7. 家裡房間都很乾淨?拍賣平台


  • 很多時候,我們談了很多idea,需要三個主要核心:market, frequency, density, pain。idea 本身,都可以做,google 是第七個google search engine。my space, highfive, mycircle, …, FB
  • 旅遊也是千年的比較平台!
  • 「pitch」!看阿伯,巴菲特。Warren Buffett
  • Reporter: what habits did you cultivate in your 20s and 30s that you see as the foundation of success? Ability to sell, reading, …

You’ve got to be able to communicate in life and it’s enormously important. Schools, to some extent, under emphasize that. If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential. 

Take home notes:
  • The ability to communicate is very important. 
  • use at elevator pitch!
  • self-introduction, idea, value, what do you want him/her to do?
  • Dragondam, angel gate
Goal: short and sweet! One minute. 

Start up pitching!

startup: order with me! Tech crush blog! Taiwan’s version: Inside! 2011 @ Beijing. Listen to the founder’s story.  
VMFive has won the tech crush!! Also, won the slash!
  • volume
  • quality control 
Order with me to cut of the middle man but B2B 團購. We know American small businesses. 
Online trading 1.0 -> we are online trading 2.0
HOW: best product. group their oder together. legal fees, they can trust. We understand their problems. 
  • Curation: i know it’s good.
  • Group buying
  • Trust

Pitch Structure:

  • Founder story:  track record, understand market
  • Problem
  • Solution: cut the middle man
  • Competitor
  • Core value(curation, quality, trust)
  • Product (web, app, 1800, free, 100 products, group buy, request to deal)
  • Traction
  • Customer testimonial impact
Guy Kawasaki 10 things I work with Steve Jobs, angel list 
Photo credit: Lisa Nottingham



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